What fees are involved?

  • Medical Specialists

    All requests for a service are free, and it is free to notify Clinician Connect of your availability for a job. If you are accepted for a job, you will then be charged $11 (inc GST), of which $1 will be donated to charity.

  • Nurses

    There is no charge to nursing staff. You can only use Clinician Connect if the facility you work at has an agreement with Clinician Connect, in which case fees will be paid by the facility. If the app is incorrectly asking for your payment details, or if you would like more information about how Clinician Connect can help with shift communication at your facility, please contact us.

What happens if I make a request and no one is available?

Clinician Connect provides a platform for clinicians to easily connect. If you request a service and no one is available immediately, we suggest that you open the job and press the resend button.

What happens if my chosen provider accepts the job, but doesn’t provide the service?

You can resolve this issue by reposting the job at no cost, and choose an alternate provider. Please let Clinician Connect know of this occurrence at admin@clinicianconnect.com.au, so that we can investigate and potentially remove that provider from Clinician Connect.

What is the Group function?

You can set up your own groups, which allow you to send requests out to your favourite providers. You can set up multiple groups for different situations. If your request to one of your groups is unsuccessful you can then resend the request to everyone. As we take privacy very seriously people can only join your group once they have accepted your invitation for them to join.

What is the Representative function?

Having a representative allows a third party such as a secretary or manager to send and receive requests on your behalf. You can send a request to your secretary to be your representative. Alternatively, they can send a request to represent you. If you are part of a large practice, one secretary or manager can be the representative for multiple medical professionals. As we take privacy very seriously, representatives can only be established when an invitation is accepted

Can I decide when I want to receive job notifications?

Yes, this is easily taken care of by editing your availability in the preferences section. You can choose to be ‘always available’, you can have your availability set for different times on different days. You can also place your profile in ‘holiday mode’ which turns off all notifications. Your availability can be adjusted at anytime you wish.

How can I ensure I only get notifications for facilities I visit / work at?

In the preference section of the app, choose the facilities that you visit / work at and wish to receive notifications for, and save your preferences. You can add or remove facilities at any time. This ensures you only receive notifications for jobs / cases that are convenient for you.

Can I invite colleagues to join the Clinician Connect network?

Yes, this is very simple. Simply go to the menu icon and select Invite new people. Enter their email address and they will get an invitation and link to the app via email.

What is the Accept with Conditions function?

When accepting a shift or a case, you can ‘Accept with Conditions’, and enter any information that the person requesting your service may require. E.g. I need to finish shift half an hour early.

What if i enter the wrong email address, or want to change the email address my account is linked to?

Please contact us to fix this for you.

How do i cancel my accout?

Please contact us us to cancel your account.